how it started

ConsiderBeyond was born to bridge the information gap between conscious brands and conscious consumers

For over a decade, our founder, Esther dedicated herself to working in the field of sustainability. She worked as a sustainability management consultant, ESG data analyst, and impact investor.

After so much time helping the investor community and corporations to integrate sustainability, she realized not much information and tools were available for small and medium companies and consumers.

Esther recognized her responsibility to share better information with consumers while helping brands to be more sustainable in the process of meeting conscious consumers. This is how ConsiderBeyond was born in 2021.

Our mission

Where conscious consumers meet conscious brands worldwide, and vice versa

More and more consumers are interested in aligning their consumption with their values and standing up for what they believe in. Consumers want more information to help them make better sustainable choices.

However, it is uneasy to research scattered information or understand sustainability claims.

We commit to doing the research for you. With our professional perception and expert knowledge, we introduce brands committed to making a positive impact on our society, the environment, and your personal lifestyle.

considerbeyond app

ConsiderBeyond app
is the global discovery platform of conscious brands

The ConsiderBeyond app is a brand discovery engine for finding brands that are committed to bringing positive impact. When you find the brands you wish to try or love, simply bookmark them on the app to come back to them for your next conscious purchase.

The app enables consumers to discover brands worldwide aligned with their personal values and learn practical ways to adopt healthier and conscious lifestyles for themselves, society, and the environment.

As of June 2022, the app gathers 1000+ conscious brands in 25+ countries covering 40+ sustainability certifications research.

work with us

Sustainability goes beyond culture and demographic

A truly collective action we are in

Would you like to recommend your favorite local conscious brands or share your sustainable lifestyle tips?
ConsiderBeyond welcomes article submissions on sustainable lifestyle, fashion, conscious brands, conscious consumerism, and related topics from wherever you are. We would love to share your article with our global audience. As a writer, you can share your views and write with conscious consumers across the globe, with similar values and attributes. Please submit an article here.

At ConsiderBeyond, we are always fascinated to meet founders building a conscious brand. Looking to be part of ConsiderBeyond family? Please visit here.

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