10 Conscious Clothing Brands in Europe

ConsiderBeyond is all about helping conscious consumers discover brands that value environmental and social responsibility...

July 8, 2022

ConsiderBeyond is all about helping conscious consumers discover brands that value environmental and social responsibility at their core. Here are 10 brands based in countries including Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Spain for conscious consumers in Europe in the search for a new discovery. Learn more about how these brands are sustainable on the ConsiderBeyond app.

1. Essentiel Antwerp


Based in: Belgium

Shipping: EU, United Kingdom

Essentiel Antwerp stands for fresh, offbeat & luxury fashion, renowned for its graphic and floral prints and creative approaches to color. They commit to investing in transparency, a responsible supply chain, and ethical labor. 

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Photo by: Essentiel Antwerp

2. Skall Studio


Based in: Denmark

Shipping: Worldwide

Skall Studio is a sustainable Danish fashion brand that ensures quality using only organic materials and leftover fabrics. They source from local suppliers and partner with factories certified with international standards such as GOTS and BSCI, all part of their conscious efforts to reduce carbon footprint throughout their value chain.

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Photo by: Skall Studio



Based in: Denmark

Shipping: Worldwide

AIAYU's effort to reduce ecological impact starts from designing with the intent for sustainability for products to last. They source the materials sustainably and pursues responsible and craft-focused production to create the least waste possible.


Photo by: AIAYU

4. Pure Waste


Based in: Finland

Shipping: Worldwide

Pure Waste is a Helsinki-based pioneer of textile recycling, manufacturing 100% recycled fabric. Our raw material, collected cuttings from the textile industry, are recycled mechanically and manufactured into high-quality yarn, fabrics and clothes. The recycled textiles offer the same quality and comfort as corresponding products made from virgin materials.

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Photo by: Pure Waste 

5. Attire the Studio


Based in: France 

Shipping: Worldwide

Attire the Studio was born with the mission to make you look good inside and out. They use all natural and biodegradable materials and no plastic and make sure their production from beginning to end is transparent and sustainable.

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Photo by: Attire the Studio

6. Closed


Based in: Germany

Shipping: Worldwide

Closed draws heavily on their own European heritage and works ambitiously on becoming sustainable while upholding high-quality standards. Their goal is to produce collections with less of an environmental impact such as introducing their eco-friendly denim line A BETTER BLUE and producing over 80% of the products locally in Europe.

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Photo by: Closed

7. Good Krama


Based in: Netherlands

Shipping: Worldwide

Good Krama is committed to having their products ethically made by blending traditional weaving techniques with upcycled textiles which embodies their vision of slow and mindful living. Their collections are made in partnership with various NGOs and social enterprises and in support of local community of women and families.

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Photo by: Good Krama

8. Rifò


Based in: Italy

Shipping: Worldwide

Rifò uses recycled fiber including wool, cotton, silk, and cashmere and opt for zero waste production, minimizing the leftovers using them for new collections and limited editions. This accrues to on average using 92% of fibers from from recycled materials yearly. You can recycle your old jeans or sweaters which they will collect and upcycle into new garments. 

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Photo by: Rifò

9. BITE Studios


Based in: Sweden

Shipping: Worldwide

BITE Studios is a contemporary fashion brand challenging the conventional norm with a strong focus on environmental progress. They research their materials meticulously to find the finest quality natural organic fibre, recycled and low-impact fabrics made complete with durability and exceptionality.

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10. Thinking Mu


Based in: Spain

Shipping: Worldwide

Thinking Mu was founded in Barcelona to contribute to a slower, more conscious consumption system with a positive impact on society and the planet. They use organic and recycled fiber and continue to stay committed to organic farming, circularity, transparency, and fair trade.

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Photo by: Thinking Mu

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